8 Simple Ways to De-Stress and Reset This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be overwhelming and stressful. It’s important to prioritize self-care, no matter how small the act may be. Here are 8 simple ways to help de-stress and reset this holiday season.

The holiday season can be too much of a good thing. Too many parties, work deadlines and extra family time can leave us feeling burned out and frazzled, rather than feeling fulfilled. Our dance card is overbooked with parties, networking and gift-giving events that could lead you to eat, drink and be merry, as well as spend beyond your means. Last year we were too lonely, but this year can be filled with too much togetherness.

Here are some resources to help you de-stress and feel fulfilled this holiday season:

Start Your Day with an Intention

Before you begin your day, set some time aside for gentle movement and breath work before you get going. Then set one small intention for yourself for the day (EX: drink more water, take a 5-minute walk or call a loved one.) If your list is long and overwhelming, pick your top 3 things to accomplish. After you finish them, move onto the next 3, and so on. I use a planner called momAgenda that has time slot spacing and a section for top 3 tasks.

Keep a Regular Sleep and Exercise Schedule

Just because the temperature has changed and you are busy with more events, it doesn’t mean you should ditch your routine. Try to keep your regular workout and sleep schedule. If you can’t, try going for a quick solo walk around the block for some fresh air. This is a great way to recharge! If you need some help with a wind down routine try my solutions for a better night’s sleep.

While Holiday Shopping, Treat Yourself

I’m not saying go wild here, but in a season that’s all about gift giving, don’t forget about you!!! I always buy myself a Christmas present to celebrate my success and as a small reminder that I’m grateful for myself just as much as others. If you’re not one for buying a gift for yourself, consider a manicure or a cocktail while shopping.

Just Say No

It’s so hard to say no with all the fun invitations this time of year, but there is not shame is politely saying no to an invitation. Listen to your body and know there is nothing wrong with changing your mind. Making space for you and your needs will fill your cup and make other events more enjoyable. Plus, its okay to cancel without a reason as well.  

holiday style and destressing tips

Bake Cookies

I mean, I love a sweet treat and they make things brighter on the darkest day. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of cookies in their home? The scent alone will make you feel festive especially if you toss on a Netflix movie in the background. Check out my go-to ginger cookies that everyone will love!

Take a Bath

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I swear by my bath time. Sometimes I’ll sit in the tub for 30 minutes, sometimes I have just 5 minutes. Either way, it’s a small slice of time where I can shut the door, ditch my phone and shut the world out. I close my eyes, put on some music or even do a face mask. This is my favorite way to de-stress year round, not just the holiday season!


I will often times set my phone on do not disturb and put it another room. If your phone isn’t buzzing or vibrating, you’ll never know whose call or text you’re missing 🙂.  If the thought of this freaks you out, start small. Try not using your phone at night while watching TV or not taking it on that neighborhood walk. The iphone has updated their settings to include focus, work and do not disturb which helps sets the tone for family time.

Suggest a Healthier Activity for Spending Time with Friends – Holiday Hike, Anyone

Rather than reaching for the cocktails, suggest spending quality time with friends outdoors? With the new Covid variant it’s a good idea to do a holiday hike or urban walk to see Christmas lights. You and your crew can mask up and get your steps in at the same time!

I hope you find ways to celebrate the holiday season without feeling overwhelmed. While that’s easier said than done, I hope you find time for self-care and enjoy one or more of my 8 suggestions to de-stress and reset this holiday season!

How do you de-stress during the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!

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