Solutions for a Better Night’s Sleep

Trouble Sleeping? I’m sharing all my tips and products to help you stop counting sheep and get a better night’s rest. From my wind down routine, to sprays and supplements, I have all the best practices to help you so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

melissa chataigne's night time routine
Melissa Chataigne’s Wind down Routine

The older I get, the harder I find it is to turn off my mind and get quality sleep. The next day, I’ve been foggy, dragging and it’s worse because I don’t drink coffee. With the clocks turning back for daylight saving time, you might be longing for rest and need some extra help. I’ve got you covered.

The solution for a better night’s sleep is formulating a consistent nighttime wind down routine. Creating nightly habits to prepare the body for rest is your best bet for getting restful sleep while avoiding the need for prescription drugs.

Follow my tips below for sleep solutions and shop my picks!

Stop Eating 4 Hours Before Bed

Digestion is really hard on your body. It’s truly the hardest work your body has to do. So making sure you turn it off before you have rest is crucial for your body’s ability to rest. I try to stop eating at least 4 hours before bed by using intermittent fasting and drinking plenty of water to suppress my appetite.

Turn off Your Cell Phone & Blue Lights

Avoid technology and wear blue light glasses. Your phone, television, technology and overhead lights keep you awake. If you’re serious about rest it’s time you unplug. Turn the lights down low and light some candles, read a book or magazine and lay low.

Try my favorite candle Santal 26 by Lebo.

Chataigne suggests avoiding blue lights and lighting candles to wind down

Take a Bath with Epsom Salt

By combining pure Epsom salt and essential oils, this bath combo is affordable and designed to turn an ordinary bath into a moment to unwind and relax. This soak is great for revitalizing tired, achy muscles and providing stress relief. Pick your favorite from any pharmacy and add your go-to essentials oils, like lavender, to aid in rest.

Do Restorative Yoga

One of my favorite ways to wind down at night and prepare my body to rest is restorative yoga. I use a my Sacred Yoga Mat and Brentwood Yoga bolster to perform a series of gentle yoga exercises like extended child’s pose, supine twist and more to stretch and relax my body. Watch my instagram reel for more detail. Just placing your feet up again the wall with your bolster on your bottom will help with blood flow and aids in relaxation. Try it tonight!

Use Code MELISSA10 for $10 on your purchase on Sacred Yoga Mats!

Take Magnesium to Wind Down

Magnesium is great to take at the end of the day. This nutrient reduces stress and helps you sleep longer. In contrast, melatonin helps you get to sleep faster. Both magnesium and melatonin can be used to treat insomnia, sometimes even in combination. There are a lot of products on the market, but beware of products that contain extra sugar. I prefer the one pictured below which I purchased from my acupuncturist.

Journal Your Gratitude

It’s important to reflect on what you’re thankful for in life. Journaling your gratitude is a form of meditation and calms the body to prepare for sleep. Keep it simple. Reflect on three things you’re thankful for each day! If you can’t think of anything, be grateful for you breath.

Use Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

I love this spray to freshen my pillow for rest. Is has a great scent that’s refreshing and minty to relax my body as soon as my body hits my pillow. Definitely add to cart.

Use Dream State from Barefoot Scientist

This magnesium sleep spray is designed to naturally prepare your mind and body for sleep, all while helping to relax cramped muscles, alleviate inflammation and calm anxiety. The spray is formulated to be used on the soles of your feet, which is the body’s most effective pathway for cellular update. I love this product and take it with me wherever I travel.

Shop Dream State from Barefoot Scientist

sleep solutions

For more tips on how to relax, be sure to check out my post 8 Simple Ways to De-Stress and Reset This Holiday Season for great tips that can be used year round!

What are your favorite products and rituals to help you wind down for sleep? Let me know in the comments below.

Melissa Chataigne may take a small commission on recommended products to support the upkeep of this blog.

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