Learning to celebrate your body is an on-going process. Unfortunately, this time year we are faced with multiple media messages to “Get A Bikini Body” or “Lose 15 Pounds Fast for Summer” which makes us feel like there is something wrong with our current size. WRONG! Here are easy ways to celebrate your body at any size (and anytime!).


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After I tore my Achilles tendon and gained 30 pounds and felt like a “D-list” version of myself. I struggled to find balance and embrace my “new body.” In our efforts for self-improvement for the exterior we need to learn how to celebrate accepting our bodies in the current state of imperfect “perfection.” You are perfect now!

I’ve done a lot of personal work since then, but it is a daily struggle. There a days when I’ve had setback, even as a “confidence curator,” but I push forward with gratitude. I also know my beauty weighs more than the weight on the scale.

I think all women carry some baggage from her past and it looks different on all of us. For some women, it may be a illness that causes extra weight. For others, weight might not be an issues, but a lack of respect for one’s body (self-love) or a resistance to eating (lack of nourishment) might be an issue. Here are strategies to manage our behavior,  connect to ourselves and style your life to celebrate your body at any size.



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Move your body

Go for a power walk, book a yoga class, or just put a record on and dance around your home. When you get your endorphins flowing it’s like a instant boost of happy. Plus, you’ll be working towards a healthier you as at least 30 minutes of cardio a day is good for the heart.

Buy lingerie for yourself

When was the last time you bought something sexy for yourself without caring about what others think. Buy some gorgeous underwear that makes you feel sexy. Go a step further and get fitted for a bra in a lingerie shop! Believe me most of my clients are wearing the wrong bra size. Selecting the right bra for you could shave inches off your silhouette.

Take a spa day

Reset and relax. Indulge in a spa day to slow down and connect with you body, mind and spirit. Stimulating the lymph nodes and aromatherapy can be helpful for reducing stress.

Invest in clothing you love

When you look good, you feel more confident. I encourage to stop waiting to treat yourself – like when you lose 10 pounds. Why should you suffer with ill-fitting clothes till then? Investing in a few versatile essentials like a tailor blazer, jeans and killer pair of boots will add some glamour to your everyday. Donate, toss or sell anything that doesn’t make you feel incredible.

Touch your body

Before you skip this post, hear me out. We are often so good at judging our bodies, but we don’t touch ourselves. If we don’t want to touch our lumps or skin, how can we expect anyone else to love it? You can do this naked or clothed, but really look in the mirror and reflect on your best features. Compliment yourself on your beauty. Remind yourself how incredible you are! Even if this feels awkward now. It truly works.

For more style and body positivity, join my 21-Day Style & Confidence Challenge to boost your self-esteem and create a wardrobe you’ll love.






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