After leading my self-care and confidence workshop at Star View center a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to share some of personal tips I use for empowerment. During my workshop, I taugh the girls how to meditate and create affirmations that resonated with them to  implement into their daily self-care habits. Hopefully, you can use these to do the same.

We all have so much going on that sometimes we forget the power of our mind. It is essential we stay  focused, optimistic, and filled with energy.


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Here are a few of my personal affirmations I use each morning to power my days with a sense of gratitude, inner-peace, and serious ambition. My suggestion is wake and head straight to a quiet spot and place your favorite crystal on your head and spend at least 5-20 minutes repeating one of these affirmations. I prefer zero distractions. Really give yourself a few dedicated minutes to feel these words as you repeat them. You can read them quietly, or chant them aloud. The power of manifestestion is to feel them, smell them and embrace them working.

Using affirmations for success takes you a step further. There is nothing magical about it. If you have zero confidence in yourself, repeating a positive statement about confidence isn’t going to instantly change that. What it does do is set your intention. Try these below.


I inhale positivity and exhale negativity.

I accept and love myself just as I am.

I excell in all that I do!

I feel healthy, sexy, strong, and beautiful in my body

Abundance comes easliy to me.

I’m in charging to creating beauty for my life and others around me.

I trust my gut to make the best decisions.

I lead with self-love and confidence.

I am powerful and can do anything I focus.

I’m releasing what no longer serves me and I’m sending love.

What mantras get you through the week? I would love to know! Share with me below tag on social @chataignestyle. 








10 morning affirmations power you day




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