I’ve known Teri Bocko (Teri B. Photography) for a few years now. We met when I was speaking  at a female lead networking dinner. She captured me in my light. We’ve become friends and now have started our “creative mornings” with shooting and styling each other. Teri has a ethereal quality about her and a killer personal style. She’s the cool authentic Parisian style-woman who’s always going somewhere. Her photographs are out of this world. She captures wedding better than one in the game. Check out her work on Green Wedding shoes.  Why is she a feature? The world needs to know more of this incredible human.

teri b photography by melissa chataigne


Tell me more about you!

One of those artists types; often daydreaming, finds nothing more thrilling than a new city to explore, admires rich conversation + interesting clouds. I am an International Destination Wedding, Portrait + Commercial Photographer. My background is in performing arts + storytelling which gives me a unique approach to taking photos. In the past year I’ve shot projects in Iceland, France, England, Bali, Florida and all around California. I have a disarming approach to not only make my subjects feel at ease but to create opportunities for them to shine. Since day one, my brand and image have been an integral part of my business. A firm believer of what you put forth in the world you will get back. There’s nothing more rewarding than people telling me how touched they are by the art we created together. That’s really what its all about for me.

Describe Your Style in three words?

Feminine, timeless, slightly ballerina-esque

teri b photography - real life real style

You live a French/Parisian lifestyle. Why? When did you start that?

Paris got me at an early age. It wasn’t until I spent a summer there that I really started to embrace and understand the beautiful French way of life. Those six weeks I soaked up all the culture I could. I was out on the streets people watching, photographing and shopping [of course]. Parisian women somehow make it all look effortless. The thing I admire most about French culture is that they live life at a different pace, the art of slow living if you will. I’ve watched business men sit and watch a sunset on their walk home, people window shop, groups of people picnic along the Seine for hours, they value art, wine, culture + conversation. They take time to sit and breathe, which is something we all could stand to do more often. I won’t say that I’ve completely figured it out but I try to embody as much of that lifestyle as possible.

Who is your greatest style influence?

Someone between the classic style of Audrey Hepburn the quirky, femininity of Zooey Deschanel and the playfulness of Taylor Swift.

One tip/advice to someone pursing their photography dream?

Keep shooting and shooting and shooting. Practice won’t make you perfect but it will help you be prepared as opportunities comes along. Start developing an awareness of the world around you. I have an ongoing game I play with myself where I see a setting and think of a few different ways to tell a story there.

What’s your definition of style vs fashion?

To me, style is more of the attitude that goes with your outfit, the magic beyond the fabrics + pieces. Fashion seems more label focused, full of trendy pieces for the here and now.

What is your idea outfit to wear daily?

A plaid skirt or simple dress paired with a sweater or cardigan combination, black tights finished with ballet flats or a buckled ankle boot.

How does being a photographer affect your sense of style?

When I’m shooting I have to have freedom to move around. I’m known for jumping in bushes or laying too close to the ground or running to position myself in the right spot. Whereas I would typically prefer a ballet flat, ankle boots quickly became an important part of my look because they are practical and still finish an outfit just right. Dresses are almost always part of my look, I usually do a size up just to give myself wiggle room during a long shoot day. It’s important that I look my best but also can run around and get the best shots possible. If I’m out in the elements for a smaller or nature based shoot my go-to look is black tights and some kind of sweater combination.

red bow french style teri b

What is one tip to pose better in photographs?

Think about the story you want to tell in your photos, channel the mood necessary to achieve that story and trust your damn photographer.

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