You all want to sparkle on NYE, but don’t want to be a “Basic B-” in a standard sequins dress? Me either. Yes, you can embrace the spirit of the season while remaining true to your personal style. This New Year’s Eve I’m switching up my sparkle with monochrome drama. Instead of going for the mini-dress I brought in the sexy with a high-slit maxi dress and styled it monochrome with matching faux fur and lipstick. By adding my fur with leather ankle boots adds a unique juxtaposition between being edgy and sexy for NYE. I always feel styling is done well when it doesn’t make perfect sense.

Robin and I will be celebrating NYE again at our favorite restaurant DTLA, Faith & Flower.  I look forward to dancing all-night long comfortable boot. Note: I always wear PREHeels to prevent blisters. No matter what you wear this weekend, be sure to toast to your fabulousness! We survived 2016!

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