We’ve got rain and mudslides out west and cyclones snow storms out east and a whole lotta ice in between. Winter is here full force which means it’s “sweater weather” and a ton of layers. Don’t hide your style till Spring! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sweater styles this winter to keep you stylish and warm all season long.
Elevate Your Sweater Style With These Styling Tips
  • Despite the shape of your sweater always in keep in mind your silhouette and body type.
  • Vertical stripes are flattering to elongate the body.
  • Ruffles add volume and shape, balance proportion with skinny jeans and darker bottoms.
  • The most versatile investment sweater is a light grey cashmere sweater that is versatile for everyday work and off-duty.
  • Updated your workstyle by adding a white button down to your bell sleeved sweater
  • Switch up your evening attire with a sweater and some leather pants!

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What’s your favorite sweater? How do you like to wear it in the winter? Tell me in the comments below!

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