We have to prepared for rainy days, but that does not mean you must sacrifice style. When the weather is dim and dull gives us more the reason to show up and shine. The rain actually presents an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Rainy day style means the should always look fabulous and protected from the elements. Check out my favorite rainy day outfit for style inspiration.

rainy day style outfit ideas


  • Don’t forget to protect your feet. These boots are a few years old; they were from the Jimmy Choo collaboration with Hunter rain boots. The Hunter rain boots below are similar without the snakeskin detail. I know there are less expensive boots out there, but I haven’t found any as comfortable as Hunters. To make them extra comfortable add a gel pad for ease while city strolling.
  • Rainy day style calls for a pop of style with a statement sweater or jacket. I found this poncho during a client’s closet clean out love the 2/3 ratio with proportions to make it stand out.  The volume on top is balanced out with leather leggings and boots.
  • If you’re short opt for a shorter sweater or jacket, but don’t shy away from bold patterns.
  • Add texture and edge with with leather leggings.They are more comfortable than jeans and don’t absorb the rain.

Shop this look below and let me know your favorite rain day style essential in the comments.

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