You’ve spent hours on Pinterest creating a mood board for your wedding to turn your ideas into reality.  That’s where a bridal stylist comes in.  Here’s what that looks like and the benefits of having someone to help you along the way.

“Bridal stylist” is not a term you hear often when you think of wedding planning. Most likely, the first vendors you think to hire are the cater, florist, photographer or day-of planner, but with weddings the stylist role is vital and can save you time and money! It’s no surprise that brides who hire a bridal stylist are often the most commended for a cohesive look. Here are give reason you should consider hiring a bridal stylist.

the perfect bride style claire pettibone
Photography- Michael Costa, Styling- Melissa Chataigne

1. The Dress

Whether you are looking a non-traditional dress or an extravagant gown, your wardrobe is often the most difficult, emotional and stressful part of organizing the nuptials. A bridal stylist mission is to make you feel and look your best, managing expectation, budget and source options for you by and assisting with every aspect from gown shopping to dressing you on your big day. Unlike a bridal consultant who is tied to their boutique, a bridal stylist has an access to a variety of designers and resources to make your vision a reality. Imagine a customized fitting in your home with tailor instead of running around town? Sound fab.

We go a step further…

Brides need a dress for their bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and possibly a dress for the reception?

Your bridal stylist can help you decide where to splurge and where to save by providing a style board of options or shop for your needs!


2. Choosing Bridal Accessories

Do you want photo-worthy pump for the wedding that needs to be the right height for your groom? Struggling to find a reception sneaker to cut a rug for the reception? Most bridal boutiques don’t carry a full range of shoes, but your stylist can pull a range for a private fitting along with accessories. We shop high and low, online and in custom boutiques so you won’t look like anyone else.

the perfect bridal flatlay melissa chataigne
Creative Direction, Melissa Chataigne

elise and nolan martin styled by melissa chataigne

3. Styling the Groom

Now not all men need the help, but it’s nice to offer support so couples have a cohesive look on their wedding day. Styling the groom usually helps to push them outside their comfort zone to execute a dapper look, encourages them NOT to just wear black and provides an element of surprise for their bride. As the key to fitting a suit is tailoring, working a bridal stylist can help a busy groom with details so he can better support his bride.

4. Coordinating the Bridal Party

Your bridal stylist can design the look of the entire bridal party! Having an overseas affair? Let you stylist coordinate affordable looks and logistics for your group.

By establishing a formal boundary with the mother of the bride and groom, she can act as your advocate during any sticky situations with your loved ones too. Taking it a step further, your stylist can be present on your wedding day to steam dresses, shirts and help prepare the wedding party down the isle.




bride in bed of roses styled by melissa chataigne _ michael costa theia bridal
Photography- Michael Costa, Styling- Melissa Chataigne

5. The Personal Connection

Like every vendor you select for your wedding, you want to look for someone you feel connected to! It’s a long relationship so the right vibe makes the journey easier. It is very important that you are on the same page and feel comfortable working and spending time together while planning.

Your bridal stylist can be your day-of-bridal dresser ensuring everything goes smoothly and looks on point. She steams, gets stains out, calms nerves and is your “last looks” person. She’s there for fix your bustle, put a Band-Aid on a blister and sew a broken zipper so be sure she treats each wedding like a performance!

why should should hire a bridal stylist - melissa chataigne
Photography- Michael Costa, Styling- Melissa Chataigne


Along with being a bridal stylist, I am also an editorial stylist, so I treat each wedding as I would a photo shoot and make sure that every fashion detail is flawless. I’m praised by photographers, as it ensure ever hair is place, the train is where is should be and posture is on-point, saving them hours in editing.

Every wedding and ceremony is unique, but my goal is have everyone feel empowered with confidence to look his or her best. Hiring a bridal stylist is insurance that it will happen.

Hope we can work together. Let’s connect! melissa@melissachatiagne.com










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