When referring to body proportions you are either a busty or booty person. You know which one I am! I’ve been trying to work on my flat tucked under ballet butt for years and found the perfect spot to get my buns in shape. “Bünda,” the new fitness studio- named after the Portuguese slang word for “butt” — is lifting butts in West Hollywood.

I recently grabbed my gal pal, Dana Ward, for a trial class focused on the lower body powered by the classic Stairmaster for half the class mixed with toning for 50 minutes. It was hard, sweat and I felt my booty burn!  Bünda has four types of classes: Butt & Legs, Arms & Abs, and GluteCamp and a total body routine.

Bunda los angeles with melissa chataigne

What I loved?

Each exercise was done to reach your max with out burnout and the music kept me motivated.


A single class will cost you $30, but they are on ClassPass so that is an easy win to switch up my routine. New clients can either score their first class for free or try the studio’s two-for-$30 deal.

Remember, summer bodies are created all year-round so see your booty at Bünda!

Bünda los angeles workout melissa chataigne dancer pose

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