Don’t let the cold prevent you from keep up with your winter workouts…

It’s official: The holidays are here. Between shopping, holiday parties and traveling to see family, your busy holiday schedule can easily affect your go-to workout routine. Whether you’re feeling stuck in your fitness routine or want to get a head start on your new year fitness goals, it’s important to find time for you and your winter workouts to keep you holiday blissed!

Switching up your workout routine is key to keep your body from plateauing. I recently spent the day at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The athletic club and hotel has a five-floors fitness activities and a huge Olympic sized pool in downtown Los Angeles. After you’re done sweating there is the incredible women’s locker room full of ways to pamper you. It’s the perfect place to sweat, relax and network. I’m sharing  four of my favorite winter workouts you can do at the club that keep me feeling strong and balanced throughout the holiday season.


Kick your workout up a gear and hit the weights with circuit training. Don’t believe the hype that weights add bulk. Focus on low-weight and high reps with a variety of exercises help you cut fat and build leann muscle. Plus, heading to a full-facility like LAAC provides support and warmth during those cold winter months. Put on your favorite playlist and get ready to slay.

winter workouts to stay motivated weights


You’ll be feeling merry and bright- and you be releasing stress the best way possible—after a boxing class. Featuring a combination of low and high intensity drills that produce big results, it’s a great workout that will have you feeling accomplished, no matter your activity level. With friendly, hands-on instructors that can help modify the workout to accommodate your needs, you’ll be feeling the holiday spirit long after you step out of the studio.

winter workouts at laac boxing


I enjoy a hot sweaty flow, especially when the temperature drops. Release your stress, get a good stretch, and let all of your worries melt away on the mat. From power vinyasa to restorative yoga, discover a class that fits your fitness level and needs. Plus, the after-class glow will have you feeling simply magical and super relaxed.

Yoga at LAAC chataignestyle


When in doubt, you must dance it out! What better way to burn your holiday worries away, gain confidence and have fun this time of year than by getting your groove on? With one of the open studios and aerobic classes you can DANCE! My favorite thing to do is put on a killer dance playlist on my headset and groove. You’ll burn major calories and take it at your pace.

roof workout at la athletic club

Whatever class or activity you want to try the Los Angeles Athletic Club can make it happen. They have hundreds of classes and activities to keep your sweating year-around. Checkout memberships options at the LAAC today!



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