As an image consultant, there is nothing more important than first impressions. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. Your personal style is a reflection of your brand.

My goal as your style maven is to help you find looks that are reflective of who you are so you can stand out.

One current style trend I have personally been working lately is the athleisure look.

For years athleisure was reserved for the gym, hanging out at-home and quick grocery store runs. But these days you may have noticed your IG is flooded with fashion-forward girls ditching their skinny jeans for a pair of sweats.

As much as I love this look, if you’d like to delve into this style trend here are a few rules to follow to keep your image on point:



Style Tips For Wearing Sweatpants In Public.
  1. Consider the cut for your body-type. Joggers (see below) are great universal options as they gather nicely around your ankles and provide a slouchy fit near the thigh. But avoid anything extremely baggy or tight. If you hear someone singing “I see London. I see France. I can see your underpants” then it’s a NO. A resounding NO!
  2. DO Try monochrome with all your accessories.
  3. Stick to casual environments like running errands or coffee. Never wear sweats to the office or a dinner date. Emphasis on NEVER.

Below are more pictures of how I rock this look during my gal about town days and shop my favorite joggers below! What are your favorite ways to outfit your sweats and where do you like to go in them?








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