This Fall, it’s all about drawing inspiration from hats to top off our perfectly curated, cozy outfits. Being a huge fan of Parisian style, I’m loving the way designers are borrowing from the French with berets strutting down the runway. Oui!

My love affair with this trend started early. My grandmother always wore a silk scarf and a beret, not to mention that Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” was my jam growing up. And I have long idolized Catherine Deneuve, the epitome of French flair. If you’ve never worn a beret before, it may seem intimidating at first (those stunning French women do make it appear effortlessly sexy) but here are some tips to help you own it!



  • DON’T select a beret that is 2” larger or smaller than the circumference of your head.
  • DON’T forget the three-piece rule: it takes a third piece to make an outfit pop. You must add a scarf, blazer or hat to create an ensemble.
  • DO wear your beret slightly forward on the head and tilted to the side for a Parisian look.
  • DO wear your beret back on the head and flatter for a youthful, sweet look.
  • DO try to select a beret color that is opposite your skin tone for contrast.
  • DO try a beret during business hours by styling it with a shift dress and pumps.
  • DO style a beret with track pants and a blazer for an athletic look to run errands.
  • DON’T be afraid to style a beret with a velvet dress and heels for a night on the town.
  • DO style a beret with black lined cat-eyes and a power red lip for old school glam.
  • DON’T forget to rock your beret (and every outfit) with confidence!

What I also love about berets is that they are so affordable! When I’m in the city of lights, I stock up for the year at Galeries Layfette. For a higher-end custom style, I’ll splurge at the home of the beret, Laulhere Paris. Below are a few of my absolute favorite chic caps for all budgets.

Be sure to let me know which is your favorite!





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