Paris in undoubtedly one of the most stylish places on the planet our honeymoon in Paris was an absolute dream. I visited Paris when I was a child,  but never truly explored French style, food and culture like this. The fashion inspiration on the city streets is tailored and chic, yet conservative with an edge. French woman dress with poised confidence that was incredibly timeless and sexy at any age. Needless to stay, I picked up a few tips so I’m teaching you how to dress like a Parisian.


Unlike America’s obsession with fast-fashion, Parisians focus on timeless pieces and classic cuts. As I instruct my client’s to invest now, save later. It is common and for the French to have less in their closet, but invest in higher end good quality classic silhouettes. They won’t tear as easily or lose their shape and this means you won’t have to keep re-buying the same things.

Fashion Stylist Melissa Chataigne at Colette in Paris

Silk Scarf: Galiers Lafayette | Sunglasses: Balenciaga| Tank: H&M | Skirt: SudExpress | Vest: Comptoir des Cotonniers | Bag: Vintage from MADO


French fashion is notorious for a muted color scheme. Think black, white, grey and beige clothing as opposed to more vibrant colours. While there has been a surge in statement colors being worn in moderation, like bright blazer or skirt.  Black clothing or a monochrome scheme is essential to Parisians as it creates a sophisticated look.


Everything is Paris is ridiculously expensive, but no one flaunts it. There is an understated cool when it comes to styling luxury pieces. If you know, then you know, right?


The city structure doesn’t lend too much high heel wearing. Most Parisian women barely ever wear heels, especially not during the day. Instead there is a flood of chic flats, loafers, or ankles boots that work with everything.

Fashion stylist Melissa Chataigne Balenciaga

Dress: Comptoir des Cotonniers | Hat: Janessa Leone | Bag: Balenciaga | Shoes: Anine Bing


It’s rare to find a Parisian walking down the street with a “wrist party” or a ton of embellishments. This worked great for me as I traveled with only a few statement earrings and jewelry. Accessorizing is more delicate and simple to complement and not overwhelm you outfit. Hence the famous Chanel quote “a lady should remove one accessory before leaving the house.”


Confidence is the most important outfit you put on, before you dress. Without it, your clothes are wearing you! French women own their style (even if they are faking) and it makes all the difference!
Melissa Chataigne top la personal stylist at paris fashion week








Images by Robin Mark Stuart Photography

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