how to care for you swrimsuit tips

I must confess, I’m a swimsuit enthusiast. I have over 15 suits and counting. Some are so fab I’ve bought them twice and they range from bargin to designer. Follow these expert tips for keeping you swimsuit as bright as your sun glow. how to care for you swrimsuit tips

Swimsuit Care Tips:

1. HAND WASH ONLY –  It many seem convenient, but avoid tossing your swimsuit in the washing machine. It’s best only to use gentle or castile soap made for delicate fabrics. If you are fresh off salt water, at least give it a rinse in fresh water and lay flat.

2.DON’T DRY IN THE SUN OR DRYER –  Even if you are on rush, avoid sun drying or the dryer at all cost. Heat from the dryer weakens the elasticity, and the sun causes it to fade.

3. WASH EVERY TIME! DO WASH AFTER EACH WEAR- Even if you didn’t dip in the pool, as sunscreen and other lotions can stain your suit.

4. DON’T SOAK YOUR SUIT OVERNIGHT- If you have a stain, use soda water or stain remover. If you soak it, it will also weakens the elasticity.

Here are some of my favorite one-piece suits to shop below for all body types!

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