It is now day 4,037 of being in quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus. The first couple of weeks I could barely function.  I lounged around, baked everything I could and binged watched tv from day-to night. I was struggling emotionally while grieving my mom and work opportunities that went up in smoke! I’ve come to realize over the past few weeks that it’s okay if you just want to relax and not do anything. It’s great to find joy in doing nothing since we are all adjusting to a new baseline for coping and finding sanity.

However ,we have entered a new reality and paradigm for living. This quarantine isn’t going away and we may be indoors all-summer! So when I decided to cut the baking and turned the tv off, I’m more productive than ever!

I’m sharing five things keeping me sane during this quarantine.

finding sanity during the quarantine


virtual double date during quarantine

We missed our friends and decided to schedule a virtual double date! It has become a wonderful way to connect with out friends during the quarantine. How does it work? We select a recipe to cook together and then we eat together- virtually.  During our FaceTime dinner we discuss what we’ve been up to, share our struggles and reconnected. It’s truly incredible. We’ve done it almost every Friday!

Some tips?

Do find a recipe you can make together.

Do dress up for the occasion. For our chicken enchiladas we embraced festive attire (see above)!

Do have a signature cocktail, like spicy margaritas and have fun!


how to have a productive week

Learn to how to edit photos, read tarot, improve your happiness, creating writing skills or work on your personal development. With all this extra time, now it the time to take a online course. Some of my favorite have been from Holisticism, Skillshare, Coursera, and To Be Magnetic to style your mind. Since I’m an entrepreneur, I’ve watched videos on how to improve my brand, improve my social media presence, and how to improve SEO. This week, I’m diving deep in to Yale’s “The Science of Well-Being.”




cleanse and purge your closet - 5 ways to stay saneNow is the perfect time to release what is no longer serving you. For me that comes from purging my closet. I have so many clothes that no longer align with my style and it is time to let it go! Since shopping has been on hold, I’m finding way to restyle what I already own, giving my wardrobe a new life. It’s incredible to discover new ways to elevate my person style. Before, you shop again, I strong suggest a deep dive into your closet. You’ll feel more confident and realize what you truly need or can live without!



learn a new craft during the quarantine

Get crafty! I’m sure you’ve seen loads of people baking bread, knitting and more. I’ve taken this time to get back into crocheting, pottery hand building and painting. Don’t know where to start? Follow the OUI Collective. We’ve been leading free virtual on Instagram and starting in June with more intimate classes via Zoom. If you leave this quarantine trying something new, I consider that a win!


Self care is more important than ever. If you’re feeling uneasy go back to basics like controlling your breath and journaling. I’ve been keeping journals since I was a child to reflect on my emotions. Now, I love the Calm the Chaos journal to create a self-care checklist of my day. Every morning, I head to straight to my meditation mat before I start my day. At 6PM, I meditate again and journal my thoughts. Find what works for you, but this activity has been so helpful to my mental being. I look forward to having that me time.

How have you been staying sane and productive in quarantine?

tips for staying sane during quarantine

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