Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air. Instead of focusing on feeling sexy for the hallmark holiday, I’m sharing my tips on “how to embrace your sexy” all year ’round! Sure, there is no exact formula on how to be sexy, but it’s not about the clothing, but a state of mind. Sexy is based on your attitude and your confidence in your body no matter your size or weight. When my styling clients feel confident in what they’re wearing, they feel more empowered with their personal style and it translates outward! So,get after it!

1. Always make eye contact.
I’m not referring to playing “geisha eyes” either with your partner or object of desire—looking everyone you’re interacting with squarely in the eye engages them. It won’t only will boost your own confidence, but it’ll get people to see you as confident and in control which usually translates to sexy.


2. Wear Bright Lipstick

I was at happy hour with two of my gorgeous girlfriends’ recently. Jennifer has the perfect petite figure, doe eyes, and stunning lips, yet she never highlights them. I’m a fan of a power lip and whipped out my Charlotte Tilbury “So Marilyn” from my purse and she was a new person! Red lipstick scream sexy. Just remove before getting it on, so your lover’s face doesn’t look like a murder scene. SideNote: Always do a bold eye or power lip.

3. Show Off Your Assets and not just more skin

I can’t emphasize this enough with my female clients. Showing a bunch of skin does not always translate to sexy. Cut-off booty shorts, and a lot of cleavage coverts a sexy intention onto trashy ground. Stop trying so hard! It’s all about balance, proportions, and showing off your best features. If you have great legs, put them on display with a great skirt or the perfect ankle skimming denim,  but put the girls away. Style is about looking great and being sexy opposed to flashy.

4. Try Glasses

For some reason all the men I know love glasses on their women. Can’t determine if it’s the naughty teacher thing or what, but the right specs make the woman. Don’t settle of a cheap drugstore kind, but seek out a modern pair like these Warby Parkers.


5. Find A Good Tailor

A $500 blazer can look cheap if it doesn’t fit correctly just as a $100 blazer can look like it’s $500 with good tailoring. When clothes are too long, boxy, or frumpy, it looks like you’re trying to cover up your body, which translates to insecure or un-sexy. Find a good tailor to fix those slim jeans so they hit your ankle perfectly highlighting your figure. Being well-dressed is sexy!

6.  Get your nails done, hair done, everything did…

Life get busy and sometimes you may not be put together. The devil is in the details. Get your hair blown out, paint your nails, take five more minutes to do your makeup. These small indulgences make us feel great and you never know whose watching.

7. Invest in yourself

I’m not referring to splurging on that Gucci Dionysus bag, but really taking stock in what makes you a better person. Your mind is a precious thing and you must invest in it to keep it sharp. Last fall, I took a photography class that kept me on my toes. Now I’m studying French again. I try to read something new each week. In the age of social media burn out, stand on your own. There is nothing worse that meeting a hot guy and find out he’s just another pretty face. Don’t be that “pretty face.”


8. Know what turns you on

How can you expect to get pleasure, if you don’t know what turns you on? Our bodies are not built like in the movies and we don’t climax in 20 seconds. Sorry to get all 50 Shades on you, but women who masturbate know exactly what they like when they are with someone, which increase sexy appeal = sexy. Power women rule the world. Embrace that p*ssy control.

9. Get Sweaty

#StrongIsSexy or #HealthyNotSkinny

Whatever way you call it, fit and toned wins over skinny fat any day! More women are embracing lifting weights there is no doubt that getting sweaty and healthy is sexy. My hubby loves my yoga arms and I love making them. Let’s face it the better you feel the sexy you are!


10. Be comfortable in your own skin

It doesn’t matter if you chose to rock glasses or red lipstick, nothing is says sexy like the swagger of being comfortable with yourself. If you don’t love you, no one else will. Stand tall, get fit, learn something, and surround yourself with the most amazing people.  I always focus on doing what makes me happy and that will attract the most positive people in my life. That complete confidence is the fundamental component of sex appeal. Live it up and embrace sexy 365!




















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