With the conronavirus and stay at home orders around the country, many of us are finding ourselves working from home for an extended period of time, me included! Working from home demands a new mindset, from keeping a dedicated workspace and learning how to better self-motivate. One question I get asked a lot: what do you wear when working remotely? Sure, you may initially you feel more productive in sweats, but how you show up matters. Here are tips to elevate your WFH Style!

1) Ditch the Sweats & PJs

We know, working from home seems like the perfect excuse to live in your pajamas 24-7, but unfortunately, that can make it incredibly easy to slack on of you fitness and binge watch the “Normal People” instead of responding to emails. The way you show up dictates your productivity. Ditch the sweat and pajamas for lounge sets and Zoom friendly looks.  Take some time to designate some pieces in your wardrobe as “office appropriate” and save those looks on your cell phone for easy styling.

If you’re going for comfort, don’t be afraid to invest in luxury day pajamas. A easy way to elevate any look is don a monochromatic leisure set. A work from home outfit can still be comfortable, but the act of changing into your day clothes will help you remind yourself that it is time for work.

2) Elevated Basics Are Your Friend

So what should you wear? Cozy but sophisticated basics are your new go-to options. Think breathable knits, monochromatic looks, soft fabrics and stretchy jeans. In order to be productive you must feel comfortable, so opt for luxe fabrics and soft textures. This white set from ASOS is my new favorite staple.

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3) Maintain A Simple Beauty Routine

With essentially everyone working from home, chances you use to regular zoom calls. Because of this, you should still maintain a simple and efficient beauty routine for video chats. It’s best to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

I believe that makeup should enhance and not mask your features. Ditch the full-coverage foundation and contouring, but stick to healthy moisturized skin with a bit of concealer, mascara and lip color for the win!

4) Don’t just dress, Style Outfits

I love feeling cozy at home and that usually goes beyond a tee shirt and jeans. Use this time at home to maximize comfort and play with your style, so perfect the art of layering. Be mindful that “the third piece” makes an outfit. Try a nice oversized cardigan or blazer over a t-shirt and play with a scarf around your neck. Experience with your style and stay cozy at the same time!

5) Invest In Cozy Slippers

I feel more comfortable with slippers or fuzzy socks on my feet as I work. I feel like I’m at an office. If you don’t own a pair of at home slippers or slide, shop below! It might change your productivity game.

What are you favorite tips for working from home?

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