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The most value gift we have is time, so everyday we must take time for self-care rituals to reconnect and care for ourselves.  Self-care is more than  focusing on enjoying a hot bath, essential oils, and distancing yourself from people who are not on your vibe. It’s about creating space and using morning rituals to change your mindset to face life with “Joie de Vivre.”

The power creating a self-care ritual goes way beyond just showing yourself some love when you have extra time. Rituals are about making the time to prioritize your mindset and wellbeing and treating them as equal as other obligations on your agenda. A daily self-care ritual doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s no need to conform to any set expectations and follow a strict checklist. It’s all about progression – not perfection. All the answers you desire are already inside you. So, feel empowered by the steps you DO take. You can simply be YOU, unplug, sit, breath, and tune in.

self care ritual tips

Here are a few of my favorite self-care rituals

Set a morning intention

I feel one the of the best thing you can do to set your day up for success is set an intention or affirmation. It will fuel your spirit and motivate you throughout your day. Write it down, use a post-it note or repeat in your head.

Here is a great example: I am creative. I choose projects that nourish and support my goals.

These “I am” statements are so powerful. You might be hesitant, but placing energy behind your words helps your manifest your goals.

Hydrate and detoxify

During the day I’m forgetful when it comes to hydration, but when I rise every morning hydrate and detoxify my body.  I make a cup hot water with lemon, herbal tea and a shot of apple cider vinegar to flush out my system. Lately, mid-morning I’ve been adding celery juice too! Being a creature of habit, I prefer 2 fried eggs over arugula.

Take a beat to reconnect

Before I grab my phone or check my emails, I light some Palo Santo and meditate. Cleansing my personal space and taking a minute to center myself sets me up for success. I enjoy reading a daily excerpt from The Book of Awakening to honor my day. I feel so elated when I incorporate self-care time to reconnect.

Move your body

Self-care means taking care of your body. I chose to honor my body each morning with some movement. I alternate between a few vinyasas on my mat or have a spontaneous dance party with my husband.  Dancing releases your body from physical stress and you’re able to shift negative energy away. Whatever you do, move your body at least once a day whether it’s a HIIT workout, a walk around the neighborhood or a quickie yoga flow in your living room. Move your body because it feels good and increase the dopamine to get happy!

Find gratitude

When I get overwhelmed rather than spinning out, I refocus and try to find the gratitude. I take time each morning to make a list of all good and work find the good within the bad. Taking the time to say one thing you are thankful for- no matter how small- can drastically change your mindset and mood for the day. palo santo for energy clearing

Three tips for creating your self-care ritual

1. One size does not fit all. There’s no right or wrong way here, and there are no rules that you should feel compelled to follow. While it’s fine to be inspired by other figure out what works for you! Remember, the most beneficial rituals are the ones you can stick to.

2. Acknowledge the rituals you’re already practicing. Do you get up and sweat? Pray? Walk with your bestie? Call your mom? Celebrate the rituals that help you embrace “Joie de Vivre.”

3. Identify your non negotiable. Life happens and schedules get busy. Having said that, no matter what my day looks like there are a few non-negotiable that help me maintain balance when stress hits the fan. Currently, I meditate with a mantra and drink hot water with lemon. Even if you’re short on time, please don’t ditch things that bring you joy and peace of mind. That’s why you need it most.

Not sure where to start? Book a coaching call and we can work together for a month to cultivate a strong self-care ritual so you can thrive!


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